Track 1

Disconnect to reconnect

The new reality of our lives and work, coexisting between remote and face-to-face, challenges us to find ways to reconnect.

What is it like to work in remote, face-to-face or hybrid modalities in UX? What is the impact, value, pros and cons of these ways of working? How do we connect with users remotely? How do we separate work from personal life? How do we share our experiences among peers? What do UX communities look like in this new reality?

Track 2

New ways to experience the digital world

The present and future of UX design in a digital world that is growing and transforming by leaps and bounds.

How are experiences being designed in the new immersive realities? How does AI impact people’s experience? What are we doing about that? What remains constant in all these changes? How is UX design being transformed within the digital world? What responsibility do we have in the face of these developments? Is there an ethical stance?


Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion

Adopt new approaches that respond to and include the different needs, realities and capabilities of people.

Are we having a truly inclusive and accessible design approach? What are we doing (or can we do) to include minorities? What is it like to be a woman and work or lead in UX? What about financial inclusion, technological inclusion, inclusion of elders, non-CIS people and other minorities? What is the impact and responsibility of design in today’s society?

Track 4

Professionalizing experience design

There is an enormous growth of the discipline: new specialties, new forms of organization and new challenges.

What are the new tasks that are part of the UX design process? What is and how do we do Design Ops and Research Ops? What disciplines or professionals are involved in the UX world? What are the specializations or roles we have right now, and how do they organize and complement? Are there career plans? Do professional ethics and responsibilities exist?

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