Education Summit

The Education Summit is an event focused on the educational community. Its main objective is to recognize and plan the future of Interaction Design as a discipline.

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Interaction Design Education Summit
This year, we are exploring the possibility of collaborating in the advancement of a more robust educational community.

The purpose of this event is to provide updates on the state of Interaction Design education within each Latin American country and its educational institutions. Our aim is to work collectively on scalable enhancements that will benefit the entire region.

Every educational institution in Latin America will have the opportunity to participate and showcase their projects, sharing their progress and the challenges they face in teaching UX.

We anticipate the presence of many individuals connected to the field of education and government sectors, who play a pivotal role in the promotion and development of UX education in the region.

This diversity of perspectives will enrich our discussions and bolster our collaborative efforts, paving the way for substantial improvements in UX education throughout Latin America.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will the Education Summit take place?

    The Education Summit will be held at the Grand Brizo Hotel in La Plata (Av. 51 715, B1900 La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires).

  • How many registrations are available?

    There are 200 slots available for participation in the ILA23 Education Summit.

  • Who is invited to participate?

    Mainly, representatives of educational institutions and programs related to Interaction Design located in any Latin American country are invited. Additionally, anyone interested in discussing the current and future state of IxD education can apply.

  • Will there be a separate fee to participate?

    No, participation in the Education Summit is free for ILA23 conference attendees who already have a conference pass.

  • If I'm already registered for ILA23, do I need to register separately for the Education Summit?

    Yes, registrations for both events are independent. The application to participate in the Education Summit will be done through a different form for this event.

  • If I'm already accredited for the Education Summit, do I need to re-accredit for ILA23?

    Yes, accreditations for both events are independent.

  • How do I submit my institution's information?

    You will need to fill out the form we provide below. Once pre-registered, the Education Summit organization will contact you to confirm participation and/or request additional information.

    Pre-register for the Education Summit
  • Once I have sent the application form, can I participate in the Education Summit?

    No, you must wait for confirmation from the organization based on available slots.

  • If I do not represent an institution, can I participate?

    Yes, the invitation is open to all those interested in the future of IxD education in the region. In any case, the acceptance of participation is subject to slot availability.