Kees Dorst

Kees Dorst has a background in design and philosophy. He is considered one of the lead thinkers developing the field of design, developing methods that extend the use of design as a way of thinking to organisational and societal issues - in particular to the societal transitions we are facing in the coming years. He is an educator, author and advises organisations and governments around the world. He is also Professor of Transdisciplinary Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney’s TD School.


Profesionalización del diseño de experiencias

What Design can do?

"We are facing huge transitions in the coming years. These require us to go beyond fixing an existing sector or system, they require us to completely reinvent how we live. Creating a such new reality in times of transition is deeply, fundamentally, a design question. How can Design step up and help to shape the new relationships we need? In this talk, Kees Dorst will first go back to the core of design thinking, and then use a series of examples to show the different ways design practices can move beyond the project level to contribute to organisational change, sector-level transformation and societal transitions. But to rise to these challenges, Design itself will also have to change. We will end with a discussion on the future of design."