Dave Malouf

Dave Malouf is a 30 year veteran in the digital design space with a focus on human-centered design. He coined the term DesignOps and has remained a staunch advocate for building the practice of Design Operations globally.


Design Operations is your Design Manager’s best friend

We’ll discuss the differences between Design Operations and Design Management and how each supports and extends the other to help the entire design organization amplify their value to the business organization.
By the end of this workshop you’ll have an understanding of the roles & responsibilities of Design Operations and Design Management, and a clear understanding of how you might scale your organization being intentional about your design operations practice.

This workshop is for beginner and intermediate practitioners and managers, as well as advanced leaders who are looking for new insights about design operations to help their organizations advance.

Desconectarnos para re-conectarnos

“Return to Office” and the world we live in today

In this talk, Dave is going to explain the issues involved in the debate regarding whether or not it is best for people to be forced to work in an office environment or not, why decision makers might lean in one direction vs. another, and why anyone who is forcing people to work in an office with rigid rules is just plain wrong.